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Life Size Skeleton Fee Printable

I originally found this link over at 3 Boys and a Dog. Kelly has put together a smashing skeleton week long study plan. I picked this printable out of the list for the detail and the learning potential is has by simply prepping the printable. Thanks for your hard work and great researching skills Kelly!


{ We all appreciate a good skeleton printable that we are able to cut and and color. The problem with most, is that they are not realistic. Look no further! This printable was made of real photos of human bones. Once all cut out and assembled, your skeleton will reach an amazing 5′ 4″. Fun fact: That is taller than one of the FHP team members! }

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Human Skeleton Printable

We gave this 3 stars!

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Printer Friendly Rating: Heavy Ink Needed

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What We Have To Say About It: What a wonderful way to learn the skeletal system. This would also make a smashing good Halloween decoration.


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