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{From 3 Dinosaurs}

If you have a younger elementary student you have probably been reciting your multiplication tables in every way possible in order to help your little one memorize them. Now you can post them in the kitchen and take them on the go. Driving and dinner are great places to practice to make learning fun.

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We gave this a 3 out of 5 stars.

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Age Range: Elementary

Printer Friendly Rating: Light Ink  Needed  | Black & White Ink Approved

Prep Time: Print & Go!  Day Before if you laminate and assemble

Materials Needed: Stuff Around the House for print only.  Might need to run to the store if you chose to laminate

What We Have To Say About It: It’s no secret that we love almost anything from 3 Dinosaurs! Cassie is so creative and puts a lot of time and effort into her printables. She sure makes our job easier!


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