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Free Homeschool Printable is a website created to support the creative and talented bloggers creating educational free printables for their readers.

It is our intention to support the bloggers making these fabulous printables. Please respect the copyright and sharing requests of each blogger.

How are we different than Pinterest?

The free printables listed on this site can be used for homeschool activities or just as a nice addition to your day at home. They have been verified to be free and you will not need to create an account at a random website to download the printable.

That means no more dead end clicking when you find the perfect printable on Pinterest.

The printable was confirmed to be a current link at the time of posting.

We have done the work for you! No more wading through search results to find exactly what you need!

How to use this website:

We have designed a rating system to help you quickly determine if this printable is right for you and get to what is important. Spending time learning with your children!

Our Pink Star Rating System:

Free Homeschool Printable Rating System

Why 3 – 5 stars only?

We have high standards! There is no need to include a printable that would receive only 1 or 2 stars. You only see what we would pick for our children.

We have additional information for each post to help you even further.

Age range:

Printer Friendly Rating:

Prep Time:

Materials Needed:

What we have to say: 

These ratings will help you determine if this is a printable that can stand alone or if it is going to take more prep time and materials than you have on hand.

We have done our very best to research that all links and printables work. If you find an issue, we would love to hear about it so that we can fix it. Please use the email form below.

If you would like to submit a printable of your own, please fill out the form below.

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